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Underwater Photography

 I am a member of the working group ACAVOS,
 the Audiovisual Commission of AVOS -

 which groups the diving clubs of Antwerp.
 I have the certificate of 
 Instructor Underwater Photography Level 2.
 For a period of time I was involved at NELOSAC,

 the Audiovisual Commission of the  

 Flemish diving federation NELOS.
 There I had the possiblity to be involved 

in  different functions:
 member of the jury, for photos as well as video 
 at the International Photo- and Filmfestival,
 president of the commission, 
 captain of the Belgian team at the World 
 Championship Underwater Photography,
 final editor of a manual Underwater Video 
 and establishing a teaching scheme for the 
 different levels of underwater photography.

I participated in two editions of the CMAS World Championship Pool Photography 


And then what?