All pictures are subject to copyright by Roland Wantens

Underwater Photography


How it started

 I was fourteen years old when my father gave 
 me my first camera: a Voigtlander.
 Eric Leerman, who sold me the camera, was a 
 student worker at Foto Leurs in Ostend, Belgium.
 At the Training School for Teachers in Blankenberge 
 we were in the same group and from him I learned 
 some thechniques in the dark room. 
 Eventually he became a professor of Photography 
 at the Academy of Ghent, Belgiuim. 

 Years later a friend sold me his Minolta 7000,
 the worlds first autofocus camera.
 He wanted to get rid of it, since the autofocus 
 system did not work under water.
 I happened to see an advert for an underwater 
 housing from Ikelite for that camera.
 From then on started a long search for 
 the right techniques.